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The Art of Thai Cooking


From the delicate, creamy and fragrant Coconut Galangal Chicken Curry to citrusy salad …Thai Cuisine differ from region to region with sweet sour salty and spicy flavors that’s enliven the palate!


Learn to creatively use your store-bought curry pastes, spices and pair them with a few fresh Asian aromatics to create a sumptuous Thai dinner. Healthy salad of green papaya, flavorful coconut based curry with plenty of vegetables…these delicious dishes can grace memorable family dinners, allowing you to savor the flavors of Bangkok and other regions of Thailand. Classes are small size in an ideal clean home style learning environment so that you will receive one-on-one instruction with emphasis on the Thai cooking techniques. Then learn to make a heavenly coconut cake…every bite is so light and delicious… be prepared to get plenty of compliments!



Som Tam Thai
Vegan Thai Green Papaya and Fresh Tomato Salad in Sweet sour salty spicy dressing

Tom Kha Gai Curry
Gluten Free Chicken Tom Kha with Asparagus and other medley of vegetables in Fragrant
Galangal Coconut curry spicy sauce served with Northern Chiangmai Sticky Rice

Heavenly Coconut Cake … Chefs Signature Dessert
Delicate Coconut Cake with shredded Coconut & Coconut Cream Topping Serve with Tropical Fruits

Tea & Wine

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